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Schkinny Maninny - 5 Day Active Cleanse

Schkinny Maninny
5 Day Active Cleanse

Last week I had the pleasure of trying the uber convenient “Schkinny Maninny” 5 day active cleanse, BLISS! What a nourishing week it was that had my whole being going through an internal detoxification that Removed, Repaired, Restored & Rejuvenated not only my internal temple but my whole body, mind & soul. As you’ll see below the experience was made exceptionally easy with the help of Schkinny Maninny’s absolute attention to detail from pre cleanse, during my cleanse & right through to post cleanse guidance.

The Company

Schkinny Maninny is an Australian based company which was born when a health junky, exercise addict (let’s just call her Catherine Craig, but only for the purposes of the story), and general “body is a temple” kind of girl decided it was high time for actually healthy stuff to be available. Schkinny Maninny’s first cleanse was born into wholefood life after Catherine devised her programs to the highest level of nutrition, integrity & in a safe, well guided approach that not only gives you a cleanse but nutritional education to keep you living a lifelong wholefood lifestyle well after your cleanse has finished. All of Catherine’s programs have been devised in conjunction with Nutritionists, Naturopaths & health professionals. Schkinny Maninny is available in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane with the hope to take over the “WHOLEFOOD NATION” one cleanse at a time.


Q. Catherine what was your inspiration to create a nourishing wholefood company?

A. Dayne I am a firm believer in listening to your body and feeling what your body is telling you.  Like most people, I love the odd treat, but I also try to be intuitive enough to listen that my body can't tolerate that all the time, & if it wants to feel clean, energised, relaxed and happy.  So I run my business with the aim to help other people strip away the "noise" and cleanse their bodies with just pure fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds so they can understand how it feels to be clean inside.
Founder “Catherine Craig”

The Experience

5:30am Monday. I find myself awake, bright eyed, bushy bearded & with one thing on my mind… GREEN JUICE & ALMOND MILK SMOOTHIE! I highly recommend preparing your body for your cleanse by making sure you get a good 9 to 10 hours sleep per night before your cleanse begins & cut out all stimulants like sugar, tea & coffee etc. This way you will enjoy the experience & won’t be going through the emotions of your soul destroying break up with Mr. Soy Latte on bonsoy & it better not be hot morning love affair.

Every morning is made blissfully easy as there is no need for you to lift a knife, chopping board or dish clothe, apart from the collection of your little blue esky of abundance from your front door. Inside is everything you need for your day as explained below & you even get a guidance card for each day of your cleanse which becomes your own personal counseling service to let you know it’s all ok & these feelings you are feeling are 100% NORMAL! You even get as a little extra an exfoliating pad, detoxifying bath salts & a week’s supply of my personal FAVE Dr Stuarts Detox tea.

6 Phases Of Your Detox Day

Breakfast Smoothie:

Your day starts with a nourishing & very satisfying Banana, Almond, Sesame seed, Organic Oat & Almond milk Smoothie. This smoothie really gives you an abundance of key nutrients which feed your vital force & give you the energy to bounce on through the morning.

Morning Tea Green Smoothie:

Next is my personal FAVE your daily green smoothie. Full of detoxifying, invigorating & alkalizing fruits/greens that will soothe your digestive system with essential Pre Biotics creating an anti-inflammatory environment essential for your good bacteria to thrive which in turn improves not only your immunity but your nutrient absorption. I strongly recommend to take a high strength probiotics whilst on your cleanse for maximum results.

Lunch Soup:

Lunch was a delightful array of abundant & fulfilling soups that changed every day of your cleanse. One thing I loved about the soups is you really can have them anywhere as they are made to be served cold as a raw soup which means you are getting a %100 nutrient packed meal. My FAVE was the Schkinny carrot, cashew & ginger soup which I ate chilled as a raw soup.

Afternoon Elixir:

Its cocktail time wholefood style! Your afternoon pick me up is raring to go & these potent vegetable/fruit elixirs will become your afternoon Zen. You can feel every cell in your body tingle with nourishment & your skin glows as it’s fed an array of essential vitamins/minerals. My FAVE was the Vitamins A, C & Betacarrotene rich rockmelon, mint, orange, cucumber & apple juice which not only cleanses your skin through prevention of oxygen damage to cells but protects the body against oxidative stress caused from pollution & free radical damage. 

Dinner Time:

The soups really were like taking a magic carpet ride to your very own 5 star health retreat as the quality, taste & nourishing array of ingredients got your taste buds salivating every night whilst sustaining your nutritional needs. My FAVE was the Spinach, cashew nuts, lemon juice, leek & almond milk soup. Rich in 1000’s of phyto nutrients, EFA’S, Iron, vitamin C & protein you really will feel a sense of wellness after this one!

Sleep well:

This will become your daily time of solace as you settle in after your detoxifying bath salts soak, full body brush with your complimentary body brushes & a nice whole body rub with my FAVE black sesame oil. Sit back & let your nervous system absorb the high levels of magnesium from your sleepy time almond, Brazil nut & almond milk smoothie. You really will sleep like a baby to a bottle… Let’s just say it was 10 hours of blissful stillness a night for my 5 days.

I must say from day 1 to day 5 I was thoroughly nourished by my 5 day active cleanse & did not once feel like I was deprived at any stage as the Schkinny Maninny cleanse is balanced with the exact ratios of Complex Carbohydrates, Proteins, Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins, Minerals & Phyto Nutrients needed to detoxify the body whilst still being able to lead your active lifestyle. It doesn't matter what schedule you are on or weather your a homemaker, Inner City hippie, business women/man, CEO, or anyone that leads a busy lifestyle as the active cleanse will have you bouncing like a mung bean. I highly recommend The Active Cleanse & give iy my nutritionist tick of approval.

From Earth to Plate Ratings
Freshness: 10 Plates
Nutrition: 10 plates
Variety: 10 plates
Value for money: 10 plates
Service: 10 Plates
Total score of 50 Plates 

The Schkinny Maninny Crew would like to extend the below offers for our readers to get them kick started on their future cleanse. 

We do Cheap Tuesdays, so if you subscribe to our Facebook or twitter feeds then you will see a code is uploaded each morning that will allow a 10% saving of orders.  We also do Couples Discounts and Group Discounts 20% off for 3 or more at the same address.

Our main contact details are
phone: 1300 021 601 
(you can place orders for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane through this number)

"Eat well, Move well, Feel well, Live well"
Dayne Crocker 

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