Sunday, July 21, 2013

Elixr Healthclubs

ELIXR: Bondi Junction 

After returning home to Sydney from London one of my first priorities was to join a yoga studio. In a city where a good yoga studio is just as common as a boutique coffee house and hipsters on the Bondi seafront- I've been spoilt for choice!
The 3 main factors I was looking for were..
Location, Variety of Yoga and affordability. Of course the joint had to be as effortlessly cool as Steve McQueen in shades, but in this city, that goes without saying.

I dogged down in a few studios close to my new Bondi pad before I discovered Elixr. Elixr stood out from the other studios offering a unique health club concept, a more holistic approach and one stop shop. Although originally out just to satisfy my desire to satisfy my yoga zen, Elixr also spoilt me with options of Pilates and a variety of timetables that included Spin, kickboxing and Swimming, well beyond the scope of just a yoga studio, like a kid in a sweet shop I wanted to try everything.

I Participated in Pilates reformer, Ashtanga, Yoga and hath yoga and I even put myself through the indignity of a purely fat burning, heart busting spin workshop and thoroughly enjoyed it. So, it ticked the yoga box and offered other boxes to tick too! The modern dilemma of being spoilt for choice, like going to Ikea specifically for a table cloth and coming home with some tea lights and garden furniture too had its advantages! The Elixr health club experience is feeding my mental and spiritual appetite and gives you that flexibility of choice with the added mental challenge of what class to do today, sometimes the yoga mat remains rolled up, ahhhh, variety is the Spice of Life!

I am now in my second week of being a member and it has not yet to disappoint. I have enjoyed the teachers, classes, variety, bathroom facilities and service. 
With 6 weeks till Spring I can already start to see some good results, my London winter layers are starting to shed, the chip and warm beer waistcoat being replaced by an aussie yoga bunny. My god, the coldest winter for 100 years in London was not conducive to an aussie swimwear body, but with the help of Elixr and that relentless roll of the calendar I am counting the days for that Yummy Australian Sexy Spring Season to come! 

To add to the buzz of Elixr, the Bondi club have just announced that they’re expanding- with the addition of a brand new level! The expansion will include the Elixr Yoga Centre, the Elixr Personal Training Centre, a stretching area and a larger studio for group reformer classes.

Splendid news, Yogis! They’re creating a dedicated Yoga Centre which will include two additional yoga studios. Be sure to watch this space to take advantage of upcoming offers.

What Inpires founder Richard Chew to create a health & wellbeing business?

"Business is a byproduct of my passion, with a drive to be the best not the
biggest and a focus on the achievement of excellence. I encourage all our
members to strive for this same disposition." Richard Chew

Written by: Yogini Crystal King

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