Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Live It Now - 2 Day Worshop

Live it Now

As time goes on and life gets busier and the end of the year draws closer it is easy to get bogged down in our daily routines, thoughts and ways of living. Perhaps it’s time for a personal Spring Clean, clear ourselves of the junk, media and pesky weeds that have grown in our subconscious minds.
Over the weekend just gone I attended a two day jam packed seminar "Live it Now" The two day program has been developed using the latest advances in Neurological re-patterning, strategic strategies and consulting methods.
What I got out of it was a refresh and a reboot to rekindle that burning flame inside that sometimes gets dampened by life events. In turn this reminds us that the power of positive thoughts, belief in yourself, self learning and education empowers you to follow your bliss. Sometimes we just need that Coach or Mentor to remind us or motivate us to put a plan in place to dust out those cobwebs in our minds and tap into our creative powers, deepest desires and dreams.
The program that "Live it Now" offers helps you to realize your full potential no matter what area of life you would like to work on whether it be health, business, financial, spiritual or other. Check out

Internal & External dialogue:
1. "I Am" - Use wisely, for the words that follow this pair will more than likely manifest themselves in you. "I am excited and confident" will change your day. Do not say "I am bored & lonely".You will become or receive what you think you are.

2. "I Love" - Love is at the centre of ALL things. Give love and you will receive it back in abundance. Love all there is. Practice loving what would usually annoy you. Most importantly - tell yourself that you love yourself and your life will change positively. Do it every day and you will find the truth in this for yourself.

3. "Thank you" - You should always show and give appreciation. When you give gratitude and are thankful for everything that you have or know you will receive, you will receive more and be able to give more. Realize what you are thankful for each day - for example - "Thank you for the most amazing day I have experienced" or "Thank you for the love of my family". Find the gift in your day - it is there even if you think it isn't.

Crystal King Xxx

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