Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Perfect Potion - Yoga Chakra & Essential Oils Workshop

Happy hump day yogi lovers, what a beautiful winters day here in Sydney. 

Last Tues night  I had the absolute sensual smelling aroma yoga experience at Perfect Potion Bondi Junction. 

As you step into the Perfect Potion store the smell of pure essential oils instantly calms the central nervous system and brings a real sense of peace and bliss clearing the day away. 
The room was set up for a Yin Yoga Aroma class with the choice of herbal tea on arrival. As I lay on my aroma yoga mat I instantly felt like I was floating into a field of blends bringing me down to earth and lifting my spirits all the while taking my senses and emotions through a deep calm blue throat chakra yoga class with the Gracious Yoga teacher; Jade. 

          Throat Chakra's Colour is Blue: It's gemstone is Turquoise and Tourmaline. Blue is linked to purification attained through clear expression of the interior wholeness. 
The throat chakra is a transmitter of truth, freedom and clarity. It is located in the throat and neck region of the body and extends upward to include the lower region of the brain or cortex. 

This area of the physical body holds the communication centre, and the gateway to inner and outer worlds. What does your throat chakra need so you can fully express who you are? 

Singing, chanting, acting and toning are all activities that vibrate from the Throat Chakra. Holding tension in the throat chakra is often due to lack of support in the early years regarding self-expression and freedom speech. With a healed and healthy Throat Chakra, one's words are kind, thoughtful, clear and truthful. 

The voice is strong and alive with many tones of expression. Usually there is ease with writing, speaking, and sharing thoughts with others. A healthy Throat Chakra cannot sustain lies, coercion, or manipulation. 

Mention From Earth to Plate & our readers have the privilege of experiencing a Yoga class for $10 half price and 10% off Perfect Potion Products.

Explore a combination of yoga postures and essential oils to help re-balance your chakras at the Perfect Potion Store Bondi every Tues night up until the 13th August 2013. Ph: 02 9389 6120 to book in. 

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