Monday, August 19, 2013

From Earth Weekly Update

The Weekly Update

Good morning from earth mung beans,

I hope this update finds you well & your week is full of abundance. Spring is around the corner as the August winds sweep in over the land blowing the seeds of life across our sacred earth in preparation for the birth of new life from all walks of life. Just as nature prepares itself for Spring as do we need to prepare our selves & the next 2 weeks are going to be full of products reviews to "Detox Your Life" on all levels, from home, body, mind & soul. We look forward to sharing our Spring essentials with you & giving you the education to live a clean wholefood lifestyle. 
"Eat well, Feel well, Live well"

This week Yoga teacher & co editor Crystal King will be covering the sweat blasting all natural Perfect Potion Active Deodorant which will ensure your confident & dry, naturally!  Read Crystals feature on this invigorating product  & see Exclusive offers for our readers. Feature will be live Wednesday 21st July 2013. 

Get your body moving for spring at Hardy Candy & experience their nourishing body balancing classes which incorporate yoga, dance, Pilates & Pilates barre. See Crystals feature on the club & come on in to experience yoga with crystal king. Feature will be live Wednesday 21st July 2013. 

This week I will be covering the inspiring "Natural Clean Living Bible" by Rita Balshaw "Hippies in The City" Find your  zen & learn how to live an all natural lifestyle with this must have home essential. Special offers for our readers when purchasing Hippies in the city from perfect potion. Feature will be live Thursday the 22nd July 2013. 

Feed your skin with the Elixir of life facial oil from Perfect Potion. This is an absolute essential for the daily treatment for your skin & in preparation for spring as it's potent rejuvenating properties will protect against the sun & restore any environmental damage like pollution & freed radical damage. Feature will be live Thursday the 22nd July 2013. 

Oceans of love, peace & light.

Dayne Crocker & Crystal King xx

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