Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Elevate Vitality -Self Love & Nourishment E-Course

What is Self Love & Nourishment?
Self Love & Nourishment is a 6 week e-course which has been developed to help young girls and women feel confident in their skin, build self esteem, create nourishing habits, find self compassion and achieve optimal health and wellness.
Are you feeling a little unloved and unsupported? Is your low self esteem stopping you from living your best life, and being your best self? In our interactive and simple 6-week online course, we’ll help you:
  • Improve your self esteem
  • Grow in self love and abundance
  • Nourish yourself and your dreams
  • Improve your body image
  • Nurture your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Commit to nourishing all areas of your life and help you reap the rewards
  • Balance your hormones to help you live a balanced life
  • Improve your mood, reduce stress, anxiety and that feeling of not being ‘good enough’
  • Become confident in your own skin
  • Learn how to eat a nourishing diet that suits you
  • Create a positive mind-frame which feels supportive to you
  • Plus so much more…

This course will open your eyes to new and beautiful ways in which to nurture and support yourself.  It’ll build your self-esteem, nourish your self-compassion, promote a healthy sense of self worth, and improve your overall health in gentle, practical and beautiful ways. The first round kicks off Sunday 6th October and we would love for you to join us.

To enroll & see the course inclusions visit :
Cassie Mendoza-Jones

"Eat well, Move well, Feel well, Live well"

Peace Dayne x

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